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Our small family farm in Georgia sells worms, worm castings, and vermicomposting kits. Our mission is to be your number one source for vermicompost, worms, vermicomposing kits and worm related information. We want to do this by providing solutions that are natural, educating people on alternatives to chemicals and landfills, and helping people see how easy it is to compost.


Yep, worms. Worms aerate and fertilize wherever they live. We are harnessing the power of the worm to break down waste debris and food scraps, and turn them into the best fertilizer in the world. Worm poop to the rescue!

Learn About Worms

Worm Poop??

Yes indeed, worm poop. Well, people call it 'castings' or 'vermicompost', but that really means 'worm poop'. And you might not love the idea of worm poop, but your garden does! Your houseplants do! Find out why people call it 'black gold'.

Learn About Vermicompost

Learn about worms and vermicomposting.

At The Georgia Worm Farm, we want to spread the message about worms - they may look a little slimey to some folks, but to us they look like magic. They are hardy, easy to raise at home, and provide a ton of value. They clean up waste, aerate the ground, make great fishing bait, and give us vermicompost.


Vermicompost, or castings, are possibly the very best fertilizer you can buy (or harvest!). Worm castings are a rich source of Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Calcium. They provide ample nutrients for all of your plants while giving you a smaller package to haul around. Worm castings are natural (made by worms!), compact and powerful.

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There are a lot of different kinds of worms that can be used for creating vermicompost/castings. The worm you choose is up to you, but you should check out the link below to learn about the types of worms we can supply you with. Each has strengths and weaknesses that might help you make a better decision. And if you don't want to decide, just start a few different boxes with a few different worms!

Learn More About Worms

Our Farm

Our farm is a small place out in wonderful Statham, Georgia. It's tended by Smith Ellis, his lovely wife Dr. Elizabeth Ellis and their three kids. The farm itself isn't open to the public, but we are more than happy to speak with you - and if you really want to take a look around, give us a call and we can figure it out.