The Ellis' Become Worm Farmers

Worms Are Weird and Wonderful

Our small family farm in Georgia sells worms, worm castings, and vermicomposting kits. Learn about how we got started, who we are, and why you should trust us to help you and your family get involved in vermicomposting.

Smith, This Is A Weird Idea

Sometimes, I feel I'm out in left field a little. Swinging at the fences. You know? You ever have that feeling? Well, me and my family are a little different I guess, but we aren't afraid to step out and try something new.

In 2018 we executed on a little dream we've always had - own some land. My wife and I wanted a little bit of real property out of the city where we could work on our hobbies and projects, and raise our kids. We finally found a great place on a few acres out in Staham, and we set about making it a home. And a small business!

I've tried a few interesting hobbies in the past - aquaponics, for instance. I'd always wanted to try my hand at vermiculture. My wife and I spoke about it, and decided to jump in. Why not have an interesting, environmentally friendly hobby that is also a business? Why not indeed!

Right now, we are small and growing. Our store is only online when we have product to sell, but by 2020 we should be selling year round. Our kids will be helping us every step of the way; what a great way to learn about the environment, the cycles of life, and hard work.

We hope your family can find something here they like. Whether you want a small kit to start off with, or you want information about large scale production - we can help. Our mindset is open source; it's community. We aren't scared of you starting your very own worm farm right down the road, because there is an endless demand for the product.

Area Served

We'll eventually ship everywhere in the United States, but right now we serve mainly a few places in Georgia: Athens, Watkinsville, and Statham - and some surrounding areas.