All About Worms and Vermicompost

Green, Responsible and Useful

Our store is an affiliate store at the moment; that means we link out to Amazon for many of the products we recommend. When we ramp up, we will carry our own inventory - but for now this is a great way to get you what you need, while letting you support our store!

Worm Factory 360 WF360B

This is one of the most highly regarded vermicomposting kits out there. It has four trays, expandable to eight. It has a built in nozzle at the bottom for easy access to your worm tea. The kit comes with instructions, bedding material, mineral rock dust, thermometer, hand rake, scraper, and a worm ladder. This kit comes with a lot of stuff at a very reasonable price, and makes an easy introduction to vermicomposting.

Hungry Bin Flow-Through Worm Farm

This is another highly regarded kit. Although a little more pricy than other setups, it really packs in the convenience - and emulates how the larger vermicompsting farms operate at scale. By using a larger area for our worms and letting them "work up to the top", the system allows the castings to build up on the bottom. Using the Hungry Bin, you can easily harvest casting by opening up the bottom and taking out the tray. New castings will make their way down to the bottom, so your worm bin is always working for you.